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Bad Credit, Poor Credit, No Credit; Get on the Road to Credit Recovery.

You have good, bad, poor or no credit and earn a minimum of $1,500 per month or have a qualified co-signer. Bad Credit Car Loans Approved

With our financing program you can buy or lease a vehicle with Bankruptcy, Bad Credit or No Credit in your financial history. When you complete our Bad Credit Auto Loans Application, a personal loan consultant will assist you in obtaining the best possible auto loan with competitive interest rates and finance terms.

Apply today and re-establish your credit while behind the wheel of your next vehicle. If you have bad credit, poor credit or no credit we can get you approved and driving. Each applicant is assured the best interest rate and terms for auto loan financing available. We have access to a selection of financial institutions, leasing companies and private lenders who want to do business with you regardless of your previous credit history. They offer loans designed especially for car and truck buyers with credit problems, no credit or unique sub prime auto loan requirements.

If you have good credit, we will get you approved at highly competitive interest rates.

We review every loan application personally. Prior to your loan being submitted to any lender, we carefully review all factors of your loan. We match your needs with the right lender. We discuss your needs with the lender before any credit report is requested. This ensures that the lender is suitable for you and we do not adversely affect your credit rating.

We work with auto dealers, banks, lenders, finance companies, and leasing companies throughout Canada.

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